Thursday, 24 April 2008

Lesson No.1 : Have change before you get into a bus!

7:50am I can still make it have 15mins at hand..Breakfast done. Tied my hair. Faster faster.Calculator,pen, u go inside the bag..!

I'm missing something here.. My ID card! They won't let me inside the exam hall if i don't show them the card...

ID card ID cardddddddd...Where did it gooo?!

8:00am There's still hope of making it to the bus stop if i start RIGHT now!
But where is the ID carrrdddd...aaarrgggh... OH thank GOD! There it is... Wonder who put it under my bed?! :D hehe

8:10am No chance of boarding my college bus. It would sure have gone by now. Oh nooo..the crowded city bus ?! That too on an exam day :(

Thanks to dad.. i reached the bus stop and wow a direct bus and that is not crowded! My lucky day! Waved at dad and got inside..1st seat.. phew!

Opened my purse and all that was inside was a 100rs note... No change.
I turned to the lady sitting next to me.

ME: ermm...uh..excuze me? Do u have change for 100rs ?
LADY: -------------- (a cold stare)
ME: uh ok thanks!

Phew! HOW MEANNN... I promised myself that i should never turn that side again!
I tried asking people around but more cold stares and few kind hearted people managed to reply with a "NO" (without even checking their pockets of course!)

What a world :-/ I decided to face it. I gathered courage to speak up to the conductor.

Conductor: Where?
ME: Engineering college.. uh you see
 i dont have change ( sheepish smile)
Conductor: Engg college? and you are giving me 100rs? !$%$%^@$%#$@%$#*#&@*#&@**#@*#@#*@*&#*@ early morning @$#^@$#^%$@%$@#
ME: ------ *blink blink*
Conductor(loudly) : NOW give me that!

He snatched the 100rs note and disappeared into the crowd. I sat there still blinking!
I slightly turned my head that side.. NO don't look... the cold stare again! Did i just commit a crime or something?!! :-O

I waited anxiously for the conductor to return. He did cross me several times and I'm sure I saw a bunch of 10s and 20s in his hand! And I couldn't believe he wouldn't give me the change willfully!

I felt like I'm trapped between the conductor on one side and of course Mrs. Meany on the other! :-|

Finally few moments before my stop arrives I get my change back with a killer look on the conductor's face!

ESCAPE! So relieved I got down from the bus! Off I go to the exam hall..

9:30am.. Great! Right on time! The question paper was in front of me.

I opened my pouch to take my pen out and GUESS WHAT?!

There was a 10rs note inside my pouch! :-O

So Lesson No. 2 ? If you have change with you, KEEP IT IN YOUR PURSE! :-/

What a day!