Friday, 9 November 2007



“Show me the meaning of being lonely…” She could hear BSB from her kitchen. She smiled to herself. It was her son. ‘LONELINESS’- it was one thing that she has been trying to avoid, but it was becoming impossible. Truth was bitter. She had to face it. She was feeling lonely.

Gone are the days when going out for shopping or buying vegetables from market was fun. She had her cute little son by her side always excited and totally inquisitive. She enjoyed explaining things to him and took pride in being a mother, the most selfless thing in the world.

But now, things have changed. He hates it when she calls him cute.
“Mom! I’m not a kid anymore!”
“But to me you are always my cute little…”
“Mom…please! Give me a break”

Conversations usually end up like this. Sometimes it goes like this:
“ I still remember when you were a kid, we used to…”
Beep Beep. His mobile
“Mom I gotta go now…will be back in the evening”
There was nothing that she could do. All she needed was some time with her son. She was helpless.

“Tell me why I can’t be there where you are…” She heard her son singing.
If only he realizes that there is an old lady in his life who is still waiting for her cute little son to come back to her.

She heard him coming downstairs but before she could reach him she heard him say
“Mom…I’ll be late. Will be home for dinner…Byeee”
Before she could say anything, he raced away in his bike.
She stood at the gate holding his favorite dish that she had just prepared. She watched her cute little son moving away… and said to herself
“Miss you my son”



I finally made up my mind to go to the terrace tonight. I’ve always wanted to spend some time alone there ever since we have shifted to our new G+4 apartments. I can’t say the view from the terrace is splendid, but good enough to catch a glimpse of the city and perfect for sky-watching!

I’ve wanted to go there alone but it was avoided because of just one reason – LAZINESS!
So I somehow broke the barriers today and triumphantly walked into the terrace! A sense of accomplishment crept through me ( All for climbing up to the terrace!)

The night was calm, the sky was pretty clear, star-studded and of-course the waxing moon… PERFECT ! I thought.

I searched for a spot and the parapet wall caught my attention. I sat there for a moment and feeling a bit uncomfortable, laid down (its quite safe)
‘ Hmmmm...Very nice!’ I heaved a sigh of relief and my lips curved into a smile.
I started watching the sky… It was lovely with all those sparkling stars… So beautiful!
I gazed on either side. I could find towers of various shapes and sizes dotting the sky-line.
But even the tallest of them couldn’t reach the sky!!

Nothing is as great as God’s creation. I thought. It feels so good to spend some time to admire nature, forgetting all the usual stuff like college, classes, assignments, TV, computer etc etc... Life has become very mechanical indeed! Except for moments like these…
The stars again…twinkling bright…and these constellations… How did God create…Wait!! I felt some vibration in my body!

I was lost in another world then I realized it was the vibration from my mobile phone…
I took it in my hand, the screen displayed: “ 1 message received “
I opened it. It was my friend :
” Hey remember the show we missed last Saturday? They are showing the re-telecast at 9:30pm ! “
I checked the time, it was 9:27 pm.
I jumped down from the parapet and started racing down the stairs, while my fingers were busily engaged in replying to the message:
“Hey thanks a lot! I would’ve missed it!”

Well… thus ends my “Date with Nature” !!



Today is ‘THE’ day. He has been waiting for this day for a very long time.
He is going to meet her after ages.
‘How would she look like? How would she react?’ He has never been able to guess this though he had known her for his entire life!
And this is what made him to fall in love with her…Yes!! He is in LOVE!!

She is late again! So typical…he thought. But she will come…for HIM.

Being in the beach, he could see other couples passing by. He smiled. ‘Unlucky men!’ he thought. He could also see other men waiting like him, but with a look of frustration and disappointment. He smiled again. This time because he knew she wouldn’t let him down!
No matter where she goes, she will return to him.

Suddenly everything seemed to change. People started leaving. But his heart leapt with joy.
‘There she is! Stunningly beautiful as ever! How did God create her?!’ She came near him. Without giving him any time to react, she was over him. He never expected this sudden expression of love!

But this is how she is…Always unpredictable! He liked it.

She embraced him first slowly and then more passionately and he could do nothing but reciprocate, enjoying every bit of it…

And this is how the Rain met the Earth.

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