Friday, 13 November 2009

Stage 1 - selection of topic

The deadline for submitting the synopsis for our 3 options of topics was given long back (a month ago) However being a typical student none of us bothered to think about the topics (except for few regular specimens ofcourse) :P Also we had so many committments like
  • semester exams
  • new movie releases(peraanmai, adhavan, kanden kadhalai)
  • diwali
  • sweets to eat
  • orkut profiles to update
  • facebook quizzes
  • farmville
  • mafia wars
  • SMS, blogging, etc

WOW! Thats a lot of committments isn't it? :-O

So finally 3 days before the deadline you can find the entire class online in gtalk and facebook (actually in search of their own thesis topics) :D

The following status messages in their profiles are usually common:

- "THESIS fever started"

- "THESIS torture"

- "yarathu oru topic iruntha kudungalaen" :-O

The 1st option of topic is what we are most interested in, so usually students decide that first and then spend considerably lesser amount of time for choosing the second topic and little or no time :P for choosing the 3rd option.

The night before the submission date..

TIME: 1:30am

R: hi, ethathu kedachutha?

ME: No, still searching.. feeling sleepy

R: time is only 1:30, we still have time dont worry

ME: yeah.. unaku ethathu kedachutha?

R: No.. same condition

ME: k cont..

R: ok u too..

Yeah.. have u heard of burning the midnight oil? its an age old saying.. but it suits perfectly even today.. probably we should rephrase it as "burning the CPU" or something like that..

TIME: 2:30 am

ME: any progress?

R: yea.. but athuku site details ae ila.. wht 2 do?

ME: proposal irukula? chumma google earth la site eduthukalam.. dont wry..

R: apdi panalama??

ME: athellam pathukulam.. vanthu check panava poranga :P

R: okie done! i will start typing then..

ME: okie im goin to sleep will get up by 6 and start typing

R: Gudnite.. bye

Choosing a project with a live proposal is important. For Eg, if u are choosing an UNDERWATER MUSEUM, there may be proposals in places like mumbai or chennai and we'll have to choose that particular site.

But under extreme conditions :D , you can allocate your own site.. (company secret, thanks to Google)

Its the day. 10am - submission 9 nov 09

If you think you are happy after choosing your 3 options, well wait till you meet everyone from class.. you are in for a surprise! ;)

After reaching college you will realise someone else has chosen your topic as well :( thats a miserable feeling, that too when your first option is the first option of someone else too.. :(

namma than ethaiyum thangum ithayam achae.. so enathan nadakum nadakattumae nu .. we wait with hope n faith..


After taking the lots, u will hear atleast one of your friends (or yourself) screaming

"aiyaiyoooooooo.. nan than firstuuuuuuuu" :D :D

In many cases its an honour to be No.1.. but here its a curse.. ;)

The person allotted lot num one goes for the jury first..


Its a deadly room .. closed on all sides artificially lighted & airconditioned.

In the centre, there is a huge long table.. occupied by the jury members (6 in number) in a semi-circular shape.

In the centre of the semi circle is a small chair and student sits there very cautiously like a child who is about to get its first injection :D

Outside the crit room, all students wait anxiously for the 1st student to come out to know the "mood" of the jury members.

K: enaku site area vae theriyathae? ena solluvanga bayama iruku..

V: pichu puduven.. ava ava site ae ilama iruka.. unaku area ilanu feel panriya..

K: seri cool cool..

The first person comes out after finishing the jury.

Sweet box la irunthu oru sweet a velia edutha udanae.. suthi "E" moicha epdi irukum? Same way the person who has come out is surrounded by all others in a fraction of a second.

"hey ena sonanga?"

"site details kekurangala?"

"1st option mattum pathangala ila ellamae va? "

"synopsis fulla read pani pathangala?"

"yaru read panra?"

"pona udanae ena sonanga?"

Befor the student could even breathe a sigh of relief , she is targetted by an array of questions (jury panel ae better pola iruku)

Condition of the student before entring the jury

R: bayama iruku.. ok solliruvangala?

ME: Dont worry kandippa ok solluvanga.. un topic super topic ( enemo nan than review panra madri)

R: en kai a paru jillunu aiduchu..

ME: en heart kuda fast a adikuthu..

But i have to mention something here, friend are the only ones who will truly understand ur situation in this stage :) without them u will be lost in such a situation, im sure of it!


I compare our jury process with the famous show in vijay tv "AIRTEL SUPER SINGER". Your topic can either be "spot-selected", "wait-listed" or "rejected" :D

after the review is over, few will be very happy to get the topic that they wanted.. some will be ok with whatever they get, for some all the 3 options will be rejected and called for a re-review, for some extra details would be asked, u can find fighting, crying, laughter, tension, all kinds of mixed emotions before and after the jury (intha gaplayum sila peru kadala poduvanga)

FINALLY AFTER ALL THIS EMOTIONAL DRAMA.. a topic is allotted to each student..

- End of stage 1...

Click here for stage 2

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Im goin to live with 'this' for another 6 months.. so i decided to record the final days of my college and through my blog.. :)

So its THESIS time.. for those of you who are unaware of this term and quite confused about what im talking about.. dont worry.. perusa onnum ila.. its our final year project ;) (for architecture students)

Its 'THE' thing in an architecture student's five yr of college life.. let me first brief on the various stages of the thesis proces:
1. Selection of topic
2. Allocation of guide
3. Study stage
4. Single line - presenting schematic designs
5. double line - almost freezing your schematic designs
6. final presentation stage
7. external viva voce

each of the above stages will have a review by experienced panel of jury members and our work shall be evaluated by them.. in my following blogs i shall update my personal experience in each of these stages ;)Click here for stage 1
ty for readin..