Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It's normal to be weird

Sometimes it seems weird that you don’t feel weird about doing something weird in life.  Over the past few years of my life, i have become so used to this, that i feel absolutely normal to be weird. Yes, i am an architect.

Most of the time, we (architects) are surrounded by weirdo’s (fellow architects) like us, that we feel our world is perfectly normal, until we step outside.

  • Walking into a restaurant, looking at the floor and thinking: “ that tile looks familiar.. oh yeah it is 6303B rustic finish” 
  • Going to a bank, without a pen but a bunch of pencils ranging from 2B to 6B in your pocket.

  • The feeling you get when you are unable to explain something (it might be an incident which took place down the road) to a person, and you HAVE to sketch it out on a piece of paper (sometimes in plans/sections/3D views) for them to understand better.  Otherwise, you feel handicapped.

  • When you enter a movie theatre and can’t stop staring at the false ceiling or the acoustically treated walls

  • Getting offended when your ‘non-architect’ friends ask you after you have worked whole night,
“Oh you had a night shift?”
“It is NOT a night shift. I did a NIGHT OUT”

  • During travel, when somebody exclaims,
“did you see that??”
“yeah..horrible colours in the facade right”
“uh.. i was talking about the guy who fell down his bike.. Never mind “

  • When you have a deadline tomorrow and you hear your friends say,
“it is only 12:30 am.. Still there’s lot of time”

  • when you realise you just can’t work without coffee and your favourite music

  • the sudden feel of guilt when you think you have slept for 8hours the previous night.

  • When you just can’t gift a person “a show case piece” . Every time you have to gift something , it is like a mind boggling experience, and it is almost a NECESSITY that you come up with something different and creative.

  • When staying up all night is so much easier than getting up early in the morning

  • When the first thing you do after entering a lift, is to check the make of it.

  • When you see a really tall person, you exclaim “he is almost lintel height!!”
Under usual circumstances, people normally consider the above said things as “weird”.
But we don’t, which is still normal.. Proud to be an architect..