Thursday, 4 April 2013

'Aloo bun bisi beka?'

There is a phase in everyone's life during which they discover themselves. It is when we feel independent, learn through mistakes, laugh at our embarrasments, take risks just for the fun of it and fall in love with our life. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Such a phase in my life was the two and a half years i spent in bangalore.

This is not an emotional post but i just wanted to pen down some of the lighter moments, the priceless moments which i will never get back in my life and these moments would always make me smile even when im 80 with no teeth!

These are few of those special moments with my  office friends which i really miss...

sitting in juice shop for lunch and staring at movie posters in kamakya theatre.

word wars with the juice shop guy:
"ondhu grape juice"
"banana beka"

occasional dinner at vaishali,
listening to philosophical talk by varun. Sometimes, ashish.

Rushing to office at 9AM..Having Sneha's breakfast.

Ramakanth's "hasssssiiiiiiiiiii.."


Standing outside the office gate debating which place to go for dinner, for an hour.

Janavi's "ARE YOU SERIOUS!??"

The server at Beijing bites who looks at us like a chinese movie villain everytime we go there.

The bakery aunty who *blushes* everytime she sees Rohit.

Their weird family.

Usha aunty.

"hello..ochre architects?"

Kachori guy.

Anna sambar at roti shop followed by curd rice with yummy tomato curry and crispy potato chips.

Shannon's "sorry whaa?"

Laughing continously for half an hour , not sure why. (the reason could be as trivial as the alphabet 'M')

Our unfriendly neighbour Suresh and his friendly cops.

Occasional visits to Chung wah, ordering weird stuff. Courtesy- Varun.

"en kadhal solla.."

Last minute movie plans and 2 minute dinner at McD.

Roaming around inside Croma for half an hour, not buying anything.

Saravana's "eeeeeeyyyy BEERENDRAA"


Checking out portfolios of people who have applied, acting like crits.

Joshua's "enu gotha josshh"

Missing coffee at 10:30/3:30 and becoming restless.

Corn at Big bazzar.

No it's 'C'.

Weekend trips.

Muruku&sweets distribution after coming back from home.

"dude i have no money da.."

"Could have had it all"

"Thats what"

"Is it done?" / "Its done, is it?"/ "Its done, right?"

Jp nagar central mall.

Belting double cheese margerita at dominos.

KFC dinners.

Bajji shop on rainy days.

"do we have enough bikes?"

...well there are lots more..these are the ones i could immediately remember..above all i miss the fun,laughter,music and love..

Miss you all.