Monday, 18 May 2009


His palms were cold. He started sweating vigorously. But he strongly dismissed the idea of giving up. That too after coming this far!

He accelerated his bike and went faster, knowing that his target was within reachable distance. He could almost see his bright yellow shirt waving in the wind.

He imagined his target smiling, the deadly smile sent across a message to him: “ You loser! “

He couldn’t bear that. Frustration started building up. He desperately wanted to get hold of him and that too fast!

The yellow shirt appeared closer now. Here I come you bastard! Let me show you who I am now.

He went faster, pushing his bike to its maximum speed limit. Just few metres away. I need to get him.

The guy in the yellow shirt turned behind and gave a sarcastic smile. He gets provoked and losing his control and balance, he falls off his bike, skidding sideways, finally hitting a tree.

There he was, lying under a tree, badly hurt. No. This is not happening. I did not want this to end this way. I will never find him again. Why does this happen to me always? FAILURE, was becoming his close companion.

He was reminded of his poor performance in the final football match, his elimination from the singing contest, the number of “sorry to inform” replies after interviews, the final good-bye from his girl-friend…

HIM!! I should find him. He will never get away with this.

He slowly got up from the ground and searched for his bike. He limped towards his bike and the sat on it with a determined look in his face.

 Incoming call …

“ Mr. Arjun, with regard to your personal interview conducted last Wednesday, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the post of “Senior architect”. Please check your E-mail for further details. Thank you.”

He was in shock. He ended the call and stared at his mobile display screen and it showed:

 Press 5 to resume race

 Press 0 to quit

He pressed 5 with a smile. It’s time to catch the guy in yellow shirt!