Friday, 26 September 2008

Me and Her - A short story

I was heading back to my room. What a day! My mind was too cramped to think over all that happened the whole day. All I needed was some PEACE and some time alone. I decided to take a long walk all the way to my room – which would be as long as... Hmm... 4km maybe. Man! That IS far! I don't mind walking. Especially today. Speaking of spending some time alone.. Uh-Oh! There she is...
HER: Hi! Bad day, huh?
ME: Oh no! There you are. Why is this happening to me? Everything is going out of my way. OK, now what? I wanted to be alone and you appear out of nowhere! WHY! WHY! WHY!
HER: Whoa! Hey relax! I noticed you were upset. Was just trying to give some company.
And she gave that weird smile of hers.
ME: Thanks
Actually I do like her in some way. She does drive me crazy, irritates me, pesters me and all that.. but then she has been there for me whenever I needed her.
HER: Sooooo...
Oh no.
HER: Soooooo... Tell me, are we going to walk all the way? I'm very tired and my legs are hurting badly. Can we take an auto? Please... please... Pleeeeeease?
Auto. Which means 3 things:
-FORTY RUPEES, minimum.
-I reach my room faster.
-Four blank walls waiting for me and nothing else.
That sounds sick!

ME: No. We will walk.
HER: Goddd! You are UN-IMAGINE-ABLE! Actually may I know what exactly is your problem? Don't you have a good family? Friends? Work? A place to live in? Food to eat?
ME: I don't know. THAT is my problem. I just don't know what my problem is,ok? That is my problem.
HER: Huh? Don't you think it sounds silly?
ME: Maybe.
HER: Maybeeeee.. You need to fall in love with someone?
She winked and laughed at me.
ME: Come on! Stop that. I don't need that. I am fine. I'm happy the way I am right now.
HER: Oh yeah? That is just a mask you wear.
She laughed again, irritating me to the core.
ME: Stop that ok? Talk something else, or just leave me alone!
HER: Ok ok... You are the boss! Chill.. I will stop.
She smiled,turned and looked straight at the road, walking faster and dodging the crowd of people passing by.
--------------- SILENCE-----------------
I broke it.

ME: Hey
HER: What
ME: Say something
HER: I thought you wanted me to shut up.
ME: ...
She laughed again and stopped quickly as she noticed a guy coming near us. He was huge. Means really HUGE.
HER: Did you see? Did you just see how he stared at me? Bastard!
ME: You always do this. He wasn't even looking at you.
HER: He was! Didn't you notice?
ME: He did not.
HER: He did!!
ME: Did not.
HER: He did! He did!
ME: Alright! Stop shouting please. I needed peace remember??
HER: Oh yeah! All you care is about yourself. Has anyone ever told you how selfish you are?
ME: Shut up.
HER: No. I will not. You are one self-centered maniac! You only care about your own wishes. You think your the only one in this whole wide world who is dumped with problems? Listen to me when i'm talking to you!
She was getting too noisy.This is the worst part of HER. She never listens to me.I tried to divert myself. I noticed a small kid blowing bubbles near the platform. She did not even have a dress to cover herself. She was happy though.
ME: Hey look at that kid. She is so happy watching those bubbles floating in air.
HER: Cut it. OK so what are you trying to imply? That kid is homeless? Or, she is happy? She has no worries? So what are you going to do? Make her go to school? Provide her with free food? All you can do after this, sit down and write a page of short story filled with your stupid philosophy or click a photograph of that little kid and grab all attention.
' Hey wow! Nice picture yaar... So realistic...' NONSENSE!
ME:Hey hey hey! Hold it. All I can do is that. What else do you think I can do?
HER: You know what? You are good for nothing.
ME: Uh Thanks. That was really..uh..MOTIVATING!
HER: I'm tired. Let's sit down somewhere.
I took her to the park and we sat down on the bench munching popcorn.
ME: So what?
HER: Are you ok now?
ME: I guess so
HER: You are a good person
ME: You think?
HER: At least you are not that fussy type.
ME: Oh. Thanks.
HER: But you are hard to please and you are really adamant.
I liked the way she said that. And since I couldn't deny what she told, I just smiled.
We sat there for a long time. She was with me. But we never spoke. SILENCE.
I enjoyed every moment. I felt more relaxed. I saw someone approaching me. I recognized her. She was my ex-neighbour.

“ Hello, What a surprise! What are you doing sitting here all alone??”
ME: Just spending some time alone.
“Enjoying loneliness, eh?”
She laughed and hurriedly left. “ Hubby waiting, gotta go.. bye catch you later”
ME: See you.
She left.
HER: Funny world.
ME: Maybe. We are funny. World is alright.(I smiled) Ok, Let's go.
I got up and started walking. She followed me – My shadow. INNER SHADOW.


Daisy Blue said...

Hmm now read this @ ur blog :) !!!
Really good one.. !!

DrEaMeR said...

thanku scribbler :)

Vighnesh said...

Clear self introspection. Many times we don't listen to what our mind says and vice versa. It is highly difficult to understand what is our needs and what is our wants.

DrEaMeR said... true.. It is like we are busy in a day working or doing things, satisfying others and finally we dont spend time to listen to what our shadow says.. Time to spend time with our own shadow.. Its interesting actually to do that :)

Vighnesh said...

but we shouldn't go behind our shadow all the times. let the shadow follow us! :P
anyway, nice thinking to make it as a good blog! :)

DrEaMeR said...

Thank u :)

Kishore said...

Good one. Only i demarcate them as 'mind and heart' do read.

Sridhar said...

Hi dreamer!

Nice reading coz Im a bit of a loner myself at times. I for a second thought that HER was a ghost :)

Keep writing!

Sridhar (

Dreamer said...


Thank you! :)

Gracelyne said...

hi.. Nice post..made me contemplate about my inner voice.
Loved the contents of ur blog!

Dreamer said...

@ Gracelyne

Thank you :)



Neat attempt. The fact that it kept me through it without forcing me to scroll down fast to the last line is a success :D

But the twist was too weak. Twists in short stories are ones which stay with the audience long after they are done with the story. Unfortunately this one doesn't have that effect.

But still, the language is somewhere between good and impressive.

Keep up the good work and do continue writing,

Do u write reviews? We are looking for one at 'ishallreview'.

குமார் said...

Gud... kep riting... the format is not too gud..

Jayabalaji said...

The best part of this fiction, is truth and false judgement, which runs between the person and the inner shadow. Both are lamenting, interesting, and likewise..!!

Compliment and appreciate Ms.Dreamer for her thoughts, says my shadow. Though I hesitated for encroaching Ms.Dreamer's World.


DeViLiSh AnGeL said...

Hey really delicate work, i appreciate the flow with which you write. It's really easy-going. keep up the good work. I'll be following your work.
Devilish Angel

Dreemzz... said...

i enjoyed it..... fantastic