Thursday, 12 November 2009


Im goin to live with 'this' for another 6 months.. so i decided to record the final days of my college and through my blog.. :)

So its THESIS time.. for those of you who are unaware of this term and quite confused about what im talking about.. dont worry.. perusa onnum ila.. its our final year project ;) (for architecture students)

Its 'THE' thing in an architecture student's five yr of college life.. let me first brief on the various stages of the thesis proces:
1. Selection of topic
2. Allocation of guide
3. Study stage
4. Single line - presenting schematic designs
5. double line - almost freezing your schematic designs
6. final presentation stage
7. external viva voce

each of the above stages will have a review by experienced panel of jury members and our work shall be evaluated by them.. in my following blogs i shall update my personal experience in each of these stages ;)Click here for stage 1
ty for readin..


Vignesh said...

whoa ! all the best :)

Anonymous said...

external viva voce...ingadhan idikudhu....anyhw all d bst

hari said...

nee than miga periya sithaal aachey!! kavala padaama panuu!!