Tuesday, 2 March 2010

VTV with a new climax: My take

This latest one by GVM, starts with a question by the hero(Simbu) 'why did he have to choose JESSIE(Trisha) among all the girls in the world'. Thats one interesting way to start a love story,(but it need not have to be repeated so many times :P ) why did our hero fall for our heroine? Thus unfolds the story of Karthik & Jessie and their journey of love.

Karthik is a young aspiring film maker who chases his dreams and falls in love at first sight with Jessie. Why? We do not know.."Why did he have to fall in love with Jessie among all the girls in the world" Its supposed to be Magic :P Jessie is a beautiful,smart,confused girl of the modern age caught between the unconditional love of Karthik and the promise she has made to her parents. And Karthik as in any usual love story tries to woo Jessie to make her fall in love with him.

Eventually, Jessie falls for Karthik and after a short n sweet love episode, misunderstandings occur and Jessie leaves. Two years later, Karthik becomes a director and meets Jessie in Newyork. But unfortunately Jessie is now married, and they both part with a heavy heart. This was supposed to be a touching end to a full fledged romantic story. Unfortunately, this ending has been altered(The version i saw today) The new version has a happy ending though which is very much cliched in which Jessie is not married , and joins hands with Karthik, which i thought was bullshit.

Why do people always want happy endings? It took away all the flavour from the film!

So what is special about this love story?

1.ARR - If theres something that creates magic in this film, its music! Be it for compensating bland expressions of Trisha or livening up romantic scenes, ARR you have done your job!

2.Manoj Paramahamsa
- Hats off to this man! Each and every frame looks beautiful. The entire film looks visually appealing, you cannot find anything which looks bad/ugly. A few examples: the reflection of the church in allepey in the back waters, visuals of Omana pennae, Trisha's house in Kerala.. awesome cinematography.

3.Dialogues - Dialogues need a spl mention here, which brings a totally breezy feel to the movie . Small, witty, funny dialogues Eg: Between Karthik n Ganesh in police station Karthik: "she always turns her back to me.. not that im complaining" :P


5.Still thinking

6. Nope nothing else. :D

If not for the above 3 points, VTV is "Just another love story". Though VTV has "JUST" managed to come out of the "just another" tag, it has not fully made it.


-the second half could have been less wavering

-Trisha's performance could have been much more expressive

-the film had much more magic to it as it was expected

-the original climax retained (PLZ do it )

VTV would have stood out as a different love story!

VERDICT - VTV disappoints. New climax disappoints even more. Sorry Gautam.

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