Monday, 4 October 2010

Watching..sorry.. "EXPERIENCING" a Rajnikanth movie

I've been an ardent fan of superstar since my childhood days.. maybe since "Rajathi Raja" as far as i remember.. I still remember watching "EJAMAN" N no of times and narrating the story to my classmates OVER n OVER n OVER again .. and "BADSHAH" need not mention.. the excitement of watching a Rajnikanth movie cannot be described.. I remember going with my dad to theatre for 3 days continously and then return home without getting ticket for "MUTHU" (there were no online reservations then) ..

And after so many years, watching ENDHIRAN, i still felt the same.. the same excitement of watching superstar on screen.. :) i can say no other actor has such screen presence!

I reserved my tickets for 3rd day afternoon show.. and i was so excited that even when i was about to sleep the previous night , i kept thinking about the next day ;) the same feeling i get the night before diwali when i was a kid!

We reached the theatre half an hour before. The banners and hoardings, the decorations, the excitement all around, DAMN - nothing/ no one can EVER match this except superstar

There was an autostand outside the theatre and i just managed to listen the last line of their conversation when one guy said.. " சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் நா சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் தான் " ..
Well ofcourse! :)

There were ppl from villages in and around madurai with small kids who were probably visiting a theatre for the first time! the excitement on their face, curiosity of what this movie is going to be like was great to look.. they were singing "kilimanjaro" in chorus.. :)

once people were inside the theatre, there was the usual whistling and screaming and shouting - THE PERFECT AMBIENCE for watching a superstar movie - can give any amount of money for this rather than paying 500rs or 1000rs in a multiplex and watching a movie sitting still and just clapping.. ;)

highest decibles will be reached when the name " SUPER STAR RAJNI " appears on the screen.. and சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் வாழ்க slogans.. :)

Personally, the story was just ok.. but i LOVED thalaivar's performance especially as CHITTI.. :)

In the blacksheep scene when chitti says 'meeaaaahhhh' there was continous applause for 5mins.. It was great to see that scene.. Rajni the actor still lives :)

for every 10mins (minimum) there will b a dialogue or scene or stunt where superstar gets the applause..

Well, i know this movie has been criticized by many.. but what the heck i dont care :) coz not all bus conductors become superstars.. and Rajnikanth deserves it!

Love u superstar :) please give us more movies..