Saturday, 29 June 2013

My weight loss "tamasha"

So, officially even i have caved in to the pressure of having to look “slim and sexy”. I have to make a note here though, that i strived hard till my last breath! Well, the peer pressure mounted on and got the better of me.

It was my second week in the gym, and i was being introduced to “weights”. Being a first-timer at the gym (or to any physical exercise for that matter), i was very curious to try all those weird looking weight equipment.

I saw people with a very stern look on their faces (reminded me of a villain from a tamil movie), operating the leg press machines, the cross-trainers, shoulder press equipment etc (just showing off all the new names i learnt). I also saw people running fiercely on the treadmill, very fast that i was scared they might slide backwards and fly away.  It was a little intimidating in the beginning, but later, i had gotten used to it. I was very excited to start the weights session, as i felt like i was moving to the next level, feeling like a pro already!

I was given a brief introduction by my trainer about how important weights exercises are and how it strengthens our upper body and makes our muscles strong. I was feeling very pumped up. There were two other girls with me who were “senior members” of the gym, and were obviously giving me looks which meant “Oh..You poor little beginner”

I shrugged off those looks and concentrated on the dumbbells.

“So you can begin with 1KG for the start and do shoulder shrugging”, my trainer instructed.
I lifted the 1 KG dumbbell. I felt it wasn’t very heavy. My face brightened, which caught the attention of my trainer.
“If it is not too heavy, you can begin with 2KG also”, she suggested.

Should have been a little subtle with the expression, i thought. Anyway i decided to face the challenge and lifted the 2KG dumbbell. I never thought 2KG was this heavy. My face showed the exact expression and my trainer seemed very happy now. I was crying inside and started with my “shoulder shrugging” with these HEAVY 2KGs in both my hands.  I never feel this heavy when i put on extra 2kgs of body fat, but this seems very heavy, so not fair!

I looked at myself in the mirror, a lump of fat with a dead expression on the face. I hate gym, i thought to myself.

“I can actually feel my biceps stronger after doing all these weights exercises”
“Oh yes, you know the whole point of doing this is to make your body stronger”
“See, now i even feel my stamina has increased..the other day i climbed up two floors and i did not pant that much”
“I knowww! I felt the sameee”

The two girls were showing off how strong they both have become. It was getting on my nerves. I decided to take a break as my shoulders started aching. I went to the water purifier to have some water and found the inverted water can above the purifier was empty. I called for the maintenance lady who was cleaning the lockers and asked her to refill the can. While i was waiting for her, i saw how all the other girls were lifting weights, and struggling hard to keep them fit and strong. They were sweating profusely; well you had to make each rupee of the membership fee worth, right? 

As i stood there watching them, in front of me was the maintenance lady lifting a 25litre(25kgs) water can at ease, lifting with both hands, and turned it upside down over the purifier with such grace and elegance without showing any signs of strain on her face!
“There you go” she said.

I smiled at her and looked back at my 2KGs. I felt like an idiot.

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