Friday, 9 November 2007



Today is ‘THE’ day. He has been waiting for this day for a very long time.
He is going to meet her after ages.
‘How would she look like? How would she react?’ He has never been able to guess this though he had known her for his entire life!
And this is what made him to fall in love with her…Yes!! He is in LOVE!!

She is late again! So typical…he thought. But she will come…for HIM.

Being in the beach, he could see other couples passing by. He smiled. ‘Unlucky men!’ he thought. He could also see other men waiting like him, but with a look of frustration and disappointment. He smiled again. This time because he knew she wouldn’t let him down!
No matter where she goes, she will return to him.

Suddenly everything seemed to change. People started leaving. But his heart leapt with joy.
‘There she is! Stunningly beautiful as ever! How did God create her?!’ She came near him. Without giving him any time to react, she was over him. He never expected this sudden expression of love!

But this is how she is…Always unpredictable! He liked it.

She embraced him first slowly and then more passionately and he could do nothing but reciprocate, enjoying every bit of it…

And this is how the Rain met the Earth.


Manigandan said...

hiiiiii da rock on da its gr8 and very meaningful da want me 2 help ya out lollllllllll

DrEaMeR said...

:) thanks mani!!

u have the privilege to leave the first comment on my blog! :D heehee

The Retardo Man said...

Damn girl! You're good...

DrEaMeR said...

Thanks again :)

ShaggY said...


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:) :) ?

hari said...

adichi norukku!!!
ithulenthu aena theriyudhu???
pasanga than ponukalukaaga kaathu kidakanum!!!

arthi jayaprakasham said...

felt like getting carressed by a cool breeze on reading this blog ka :) :) :)