Sunday, 27 December 2009

Stage 2 - Selection of guide

GUIDE is the most important person in our thesis. A guide can either be a catalyst or an inhibitor during the REVIEW/JURY.

Getting a good guide gives a huge psychological boost to the students, and they have a huge relief after discussing with their guides venting out their confusions and fears.

(PS:good guide here means motivating, supporting and friendly and NOT GOOD LOOKING :P)

SELECTION OF GUIDE usually happens after finalization of the topic. And depending on their area of interest & specialization teaching staff from our department will chose their respective topics. And, each guide will have maximum of 3 to 4 students.

BUT, for our batch they said there was a new rule. :O
students should give 3 options for their "guides to be" and will be finalized by the

The meek, humble, "ok for anything" , mostly female staff were given preference during this process.
Students felt that by doing so they will relieve the extra pressure from the guide side.

Unfortunately,(or fortunately for few) after the final list of guides were displayed, we realized it was just an eye-wash and the usual process of guide allocation was followed! :(

Athuku apuram ore alambals than!

"hey i have to meet my guide ya"

"my guide told me to come by 10:30 ya"

"its just my 3rd guide meet ya"

sshhabbaaa... ivvaru ovavaru varukum oru "appavi" guide allot saiya pattadhu!!

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