Sunday, 27 December 2009


Dec 21 2009
Time: 2pm to 4pm

Thats the deadline for the submission of the official first review! But the review is on 23rd dec & 24th dec.

In this study stage we have to submit:
1. Data collection
2. Literature case study
3. Live case study
4. Site study
5. Requirements

Asusual, we work only in the last minute (yep thats us!) . But since we have presentation in A3 sheets, we started 3 days back.

Plz note: This is the latest and our fellow classmates have started atleast 1 week back!

Dec 19 10:17pm
ME: hw much ovr

R: dei... tom im goingto take prints da..... 2 o clock :)
have to finish only 2 sheets

ME: pirichu viduriyae da
"K" student nu prove panra
evlo sheets

R: dei... enna sollita..... ithukku nan hang pannikalam..
nammalam yennaiku mudichirukom... still in 12th sheet....

ME: ada dakalti chuma soniya

R: aama.... nethu ethumey pannalanu sonna naan... inaikulla ellathayum mudichiten nu sonna.... nan sooooooper women ah than irukkanum :D

ME: ada thu

In the beginning stages, seriousness had not gotten into us. But slowly it creeps in..

Time:10:40 pm
R: dei.... mudichiralama?

me: me fin nly 3 sheets

R:oh no...y?

me:1 sheet ku romba time edukuthu

R: romba analyse panra pola ;)
epdiyaachum oru 15 sheets aachum thethiru
illa..... nammala deptla madhikkave maataanga

minimum of 15 sheets was our target. But eppadiyo 30 sheets thethitom ;) After staring at the screen for more than 63 hours, i started to hate PS CS2 screen :(
3 continous night outs.. not possible without friends who are also "virtually" awake near us in GTALK :D

Time: 4:16am DEC 20
me: dont wry we can do it B-)
evalavo panitom itha pana matoma

R: ippudiye ethanai kaalam than yemaatruvar indha naatile!!!! indha naatile!!!!

me: odum varaiyil vetri namaku oduthal niruthathaee

R: odikittey irunda eppudi???? engayaachum ninnu thaana aaganum...

me: yes monday 2 mani ku than namma nikanum

R: oooooohhhhoooo.....

me: ena ohoo.. lets continue our work
apurm namaku ooooooooooooo

Even at 4am in the morning, somebody will be online to give us an energy boost. Ana sila peru irukanga, 21 sheets mudichutenu anavathula aduvanga (none other than "V" )
They will irritate others by putting songs like:

"Kalakuven kalakuven kattam katti kalakuven.. thittam theeti kalakuven.. paru..
hey kalak kalak.. hey kalak kalak.. "

In this point of time i would like to give my special thanks to Mr. Vijay Antony for giving us a wonderful music album of VETTAIKARAN.

patta kathi pala palaka
patti thotti kala kalakka
paranthu varan vettaikaran vaamararin kootukaran
nikkama odu odu odu odu odu odu
odu odu odu odu odu odu odu odu
varan paaru vettaikaran

If one hears this song while working, a new kind of vibration will enter the body and rejuvenate the body cells, providing full energy to keep us awake.

Dec 20
Time : 2:30pm(skipping our afternoon nap)

me: standards ku evlo sheet podanum ma

VP: 5

me: EKSI

VP: enn da.. 2 podu

me: ore definition a iruku
pakavae mokkaiya irukae

VP: chumma podu da! yaru padika pora

After all this outtadi and "sincere hardwork" we took print at 2pm on dec 21st and submitted exactly at 4pm.. Punctuality is very important you see :D

DEC 23 2009 - REVIEW DAY

This time lots were taken by the guides and not by students.

Ivlo kashtapattu sheets potu pona, buggers they dint even take a look at our sheets for five mins. x-( They just skipped through it and started firing us with questions.

The "REVIEW COMMITTEE" consisted of:

-Thesis co-ordinator
-Visiting faculty(Son of Gun)

During the review also, there were some interesting moments


Me: According to the IS code of 1978 the standards for low income housing are...
Reviewer: Wait.. 1978? they havent revised till now? do they follow such old standards?
(Mindvoice : unaku ithu thevaiya? entha varushathula eluthinanga nu ketangala.. :x)

Me: umm .. sir ..they also follow NBC2005
R1: i see, are they same or different?
Me: (ethuku vambu) Ofcourse its different!

Common sense and timing are two important aspects one need to have during a review.
Else you will be struck!

"why do u have a pink colour format!?"

No one expected such kind of questions really..! Guides play an important role here by supporting their students when they are trapped by the external reviewers. Unfortunately some guides dont!

Thats it..! So end of stage 3.. Lets await the results :)


Dreemzz... said...

* "why do u have a pink colour format!?" - sema question, note panekureen ...

* Lines like ...
"evalavo panitom itha pana matoma..."

"nikkama odu odu odu odu odu odu "


Really was thinking of our thesis submissions and presentations for a sec while reading through ...! good work

Anonymous said...

nice da...sudha u must knw one thing none of the ---- luks gd n our dept...

pink format??

dat vaishus alshatuyam,bheemos chat...nice..really nice

Prazi said...

Too gud.. Gtalk virtually near.. "standards the best part, which increases the sheet count.."

The cartoon depicting the thesis review.. really awesome mind blowing.. (mind : see my photo there)