Friday, 1 January 2010


NO – it is mostly perceived as a negative sign. Pessimistic. Inauspicious. But i say NO. I mean sometimes you HAVE to say “NO” to someone at some point of time.

Imagine how many times do you say “yes” in a day?

We tend to become submissive by saying yes or agreeing to something all the time. Most of the cases we say yes but we don’t really mean it!

“Can you finish this report by evening?”
(Is he mad? How can i possibly finish this within few hours?”)

“Please can i come with you for the movie?”
(Oh no.)

“fine.. she will take topicA and YOU will take topicB”
“but.. i don’t..”
“You should be doing it!!”
(this sucks!)

“Are you sure you want to delete this?”
Even to a computer!

How nice it would be, if we all could just tell what we think in our minds and just say “no” and refuse something we don’t like?

What stops us? Mostly it’s the fear of the aftermath. Come on.. why bother about the others. I think I should be happy that i have said “NO” and stood up for myself by not doing what i don’t want to.

I’m gonna start trying this from this new year by learning to say “NO” 
Happy New year everyone! :)

PS: This post is inspired from the movie “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS” from the quote: I'd rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don't love :)


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One of the best in ur blog :) ..

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very nice sudha :)

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Daisy Blue said...

Do you have to take a resolution for this are already a veteran :P