Saturday, 24 May 2014

Missing pieces

Is this how
it is supposed to be?
always wondering where
the missing piece would be?

We try so hard
looking for the pieces
to complete the puzzle
hoping the despair ceases

Some pieces fit just perfectly
like they were meant to be
but some pieces just go missing
like a needle in the sea

We look for them everywhere
around , above and below
But the pieces may even come
from a stranger who just said 'hello'

Is this how
it is supposed to be?
Is life all about
"this is meant to be" ?

Maybe we've got it all wrong
about the pieces, all along
it is where they come from
and how our life has become
maybe it is for us to find out
what the puzzle is all about

But I'm just wondering
Is this how
It is supposed to be?

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